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How Do Plumbers Find Water Leaks?

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A leaky problem always means bad news. Good thing that plumbers are here to the rescue!

Plumbers use different types of leak detection equipment for quick and accurate detection of the sources of leaks.

Identifying the Source of Water Leaks

Prior to using any specialist equipment, the plumber will inspect your house first to check for potential signs of leaks. It will include checking fixtures, inspecting all the sinks in the house, and going through the pool and irrigation system. They also typically check the water meter as well to get a good idea of the amount of water being used.

Here is quick look at the different tools that plumbers use for finding leaks around homes:

Listening Discs

Ground microphones and listening discs are among the most basic types of tools that emergency plumbers use to pinpoint and detect water leaks. A listening disc is special equipment that will help the plumber in finding leaks through the cabinets, drywall, as well as other furnishings.

With the use of sound technology, a listening disc amplifies the sound of the water leaks back through headphones once placed against the surface. Skilled technicians can listen for the sound of the running water underground while it travels through the pipes. It will give the plumber a much better idea of the location of the leak before they try getting to it. Deck plates can also be used when listening through materials like brick, concrete, as well as other types of surfaces made from stone.

Soil Probe

It can be a serious problem to have leaks occurring in the waste main and sewer line. These kinds of leaks usually run beneath lawns and yards. With the help of the soil probe, plumbers can listen for pressured leaks or standard pressure through rocks and grass.

When the equipment goes near the leak, a louder sound is also heard to allow the plumber to work out the location of the leak. Skilled and experienced plumbers can differentiate the different sounds that they hear to determine the specific type of leak there is, how deep the leak is, and the easiest way to access and repair it.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

A thermal imaging camera or heat scanner can also be used for finding hidden leaks behind walls, in hot water pipes, boiler servicing, concrete, and under floorboards. These specialized thermography cameras can also pinpoint problem spots that cannot be detected by the naked eye to reveal hidden water leaks that might have been out of sight otherwise. Thermography is a term used for describing infrared measurement and imaging cameras to measure and see thermal energy that an object emits.

Video Inspection Equipment

To detect leak in the most precise manner, plumbers can use the video pipe inspection equipment. It is a small camera that is mounted on the long flexible fibre optic cables. The plumber will then insert the camera in faucets as well as other plumbing outlets for leak detection.

The camera will relay back the image to a monitor in which the plumber will be able to view the condition of the pipe’s interior. It lets them locate the leak’s source that might be hard to see from outside and offers them additional details they need for fixing the leak.