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Most times we don’t think about our central heating system until it stops to work. However, there are many ways we can boost the heating system in your home without splashing out on a new unit. We can help you if you have any of these problems:

  • Hot water and heating taking too long to heat
  • Radiators not getting as warm as they ought to be
  • Freezing pipes during the winter
  • Heating system making odd noises
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Our Services

Our Central Heating Services

We also offer a wide range of heaters and plumbing installation services. Whether you want to make improvements to your home, remodel it, or you have just bought a new house, we can help you take care of things. We have a team of experienced and professional technicians that can help to cover all your heating and plumbing installations from small installation projects such as fitting showers, moving radiators, changing sinks and taps, and altering pipework to more complex jobs such as gas central heating systems, underfloor heating systems, walk-in showers or wet rooms, bathroom installation, bathroom design. We can also help to install applying your bathroom or kitchen. If you require and emergency plumbing service please contact our office right away.

Central Heating Repairs

If something goes wrong with your central heating system, it can be very reassuring to know that the issues are being looked at by some most qualified and experienced central heating engineers in Kettering. Our central heating engineers are well trained to identify any issues and will know how best to fix the problem. Our Kettering central heating engineers will tell you exactly what is wrong with your central heating system in the simplest way you can understand. This will enable you to make an informed decision on the best way to proceed with resolving the problem.

Radiator Flusing
Underfloor Heating

Power Flushing

Reduce the noise from your heating system, heat your home quicker, and fix cold radiators with a one-off deep clean that comes with a lifetime guarantee. Plumbers Kettering Power Flush will keep you warm at home, help you use less energy and improve your central heating system.

Why do you Need a Power Flush?

Power Flush can help you deal with the heating problems you don’t always see. Limescale, rust, and sludge can cause blocked pipes and leaks. The dirty water in your pipes can reduce efficiency and cause heating problems. Also, sludge buildup can cause cold spots in the radiators which means they have to work harder to heat the room. This can cause you to waste more energy. A clogged pump and boiler cause breakdowns. Most of the boiler breakdowns are caused by dirty water in the heating system.

How Does a Power Flush Work?

Before a PowerFlush can occur, the sludge in the radiators creates cold spots which make the heat not to flow effectively. During the PowerFlush we will use a three steps chemical and machine process to clean your radiators, pipes, and boiler and we will also replace dirty sludge with clean water. After the PowerFlush had removed the sludge from the boiler, pipes, and radiators your system should work better now.

Benefits of Power Flush

Power Flush can help to reduce the risk of breakdowns, lower your bills, and prolong the life of your system. It also helps heat up your home faster, reduces wear and tear, protect the boiler, and helps to waste less energy, thus saving you money.


Kettering Piperight Plumbing can help you install new radiators or get the most out of them. We will remove the dirt and sludge to make the system more efficient. We will replace the old radiators to prevent leaks, create more space, and improve your home’s aesthetics. We will help to prevent debris and sludge from clogging up your heating system and ensure your boiler works efficiently and quietly. We will help you control the temperature in all the rooms and save money by only using the energy you need.

Pipe Protection

Keep your boiler working and protect your pipes from freezing with our pipe protection. Your boiler’s waste pipe can freeze in cold weather, thus stopping the boiler from working optimally. A Trace or condensate heater can help to prevent that. A Trace heater is a low energy heater that can switch on/off automatically depending on the temperature. Once we install our products in your house, you can be sure your pipes will get the right type of attention.

System Filters

Central Heating System filters are powerful and small devices that can fit by your airing cupboard or boiler. It can capture damaging sludge and debris from the water in the heating system and prevent it from entering the boiler. It will protect the radiators and boiler while also helping the heating system to work more efficiently and last longer.

Carbon monoxide (CO) Alarm

Install a carbon monoxide alarm in your home to protect your family. Carbon monoxide is a very dangerous and invisible gas that can cause brain damage, serious illness, and even death. It is very hard to detect carbon monoxide without a CO alarm because you can’t taste, see, or smell it. Our alarm can give you an early warning signal about any CO leaks in your home before it gets to a dangerous level.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

It can be quite tricky to get your home’s temperature right. We can replace the typical radiator valves in your home with thermostatic radiator valves which allow you to choose the perfect temperature for each room. This will help you reduce fuel bills and save energy.


Ensure your home heats to the temperature of your preference so you are never too cold or too hot. Thermostats will allow you to set the desired time and temperature you would like the heating to be. The heating will turn on if the temperature drops and it goes above the heating will turn off.

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