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What Does a New Boiler Cost to Install?

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The boiler is the very heart of the central heating system of your beloved home. This is why having a new boiler installed tends to be a complicated and expensive process. One of the first steps you need to take before you get all too excited to buy a new boiler is to know how much it will take you to install one.

How Much Will It Cost You to Install a New Boiler?

Hiring a heating engineer for installing your new boiler has an average cost of about £2,000 to £3,000 and this price depends on the quality of your chosen boiler, its ease of installation, your location, and your chosen optional extras.

Prices of New Boilers

Here is a quick overview of cost estimates for hiring a professional tradesman to install your new boiler together with additional features:

  • £2,100 for boilers with thermostat completed in 1 day
  • £2,500 for boilers with thermostat and 10 TRVs or Thermostat Radiator Valves completed in 1 day
  • £3,000 for boilers with thermostat, system flush, and 10 TRVs completed in 2 days
  • £3,500 for boilers with thermostat, new cylinder tank, system flush, and 10 TRVs completed in 2 to 3 days

Average Cost of New Boiler Installation

The average labour cost for new boiler installation is approximately £500 for straightforward jobs that would include simple replacement of the existing boiler with the new model and the use of the existing water and gas pipework.

However, the cost to replace the central heating system that includes the boiler plus controls or thermostat, on top of s plus new pipe for gas supply, and rerouting radiator water pipes can easily cost you £3,000. Most local heating contractors usually provide schemes for monthly payments of the new boiler or finance packages to let you spread over the payments for a few years to soften the blow and make it easier on your budget.

Installation Prices for Different Boiler Types

The fitting or installation cost to install new boilers is approximately £1,000 for all types of boilers. Below is a quick overview of the installation costs of different types of boilers:

  • £1,100 to install new oil fired boilers
  • £1,050 to install new system boilers
  • £900 to install new gas  boilers

Labour Timeframes and Costs

Gas safe engineers often charge anywhere from £150 up to £200 per day in labour. But, the job of having a new boiler fitted shouldn’t take much longer than one day unless there are plenty of pipeworks to be done or there is a need to move the boiler. It is also important to remember that the job can take one more day if the whole system will be power flushed depending on how many radiators are there and how badly the system required flushing.

Most boiler specialists often work in pairs to complete the job faster and for safety and health reasons as well. In cases like these, you may need to spend £250 to £30 a day for labour.