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How Much Does a Wet Room Cost in the UK?

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Have you always wanted to have a wet room but you are unsure if this will suit your home?

Wet rooms have now become very in demand as they work to add great value to UK homes. But, how much would it cost you to install a wet room anyway?

Cost of Wet Room Installation

Wet rooms are rooms that are completely waterproofed. These are built and designed to prevent the escape of water that can cause damage. Considering this, it can take a lot of work to build a wet room on the underlying structure and complete waterproofing is necessary before finishing off with all the visible parts.

The numbers stated below represent basic installation works. The job includes wall tiles, a wash basin, shower unit, toilet, and others. You will discover that the price varies based on the finish and style you are after. The labour costs of wet rooms generally remain at a relatively smaller percentage of the overall cost since most of the job has something to do with waterproofing and preparation.

There are several things that you need to remember here. For one, these costs are only average costs and these don’t include VAT yet. In addition, labour in the southeast and in London can increase by up to 20% so be sure to remember this, too.

  • Large-sized wet rooms – More than 7 days at over £12,000
  • Medium-sized wet rooms – 5 days at £,8000
  • Small-sized wet rooms – 4 days at £4,000

Factors That Affect the Cost of Wet Rooms in the UK

There are several factors that affect the cost of turning your bathroom into a wet room and this depends on the level of sophistication that you prefer.

  • Wooden or concrete floor

  • Size of the wet room

  • Quality of materials

  • Fittings and fixtures

  • Disabled access

  • Location


Average Labour Rates 

The labour rates have minor effects on the total costs of the project. An estimate of the cost proportion for typical wet rooms implies that the materials make up around 85% of the overall costs with the labour making up just the remaining 15%.

The typical costs of labour range from as low as £150 up to £250 daily for skilled bathroom fitters, plumbers, or specialist wet room installers.

The process of installation can take as long as one week for two persons. This doesn’t involve the removal of the existing fixtures in the bathroom fitting. As expected, extras that go over and beyond an average basic wet room is going to  cost more and take longer as well.

Starting from the planning stage, you need to decide on the supplier of the materials you will use. It will cost you more if the installer will do this since you will be paying for the time they will take. However, a specialist will know better what they are doing and you can trust them to buy the right items from the get-go.