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How Much Does Plumbing Cost for a New House UK?

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Plumbing a new house is a complex job that involves more than simply fitting radiators and running pipes. An engineer is required in the different stages of the building process to address tasks that can range from testing the boiler to running the guttering.

Cost to Plumb a New House

It is a pricey and complicated job to plumb a new house. The average cost of installation of plumbing in a new house in the UK with one en-suite and one main bathroom is as follows:

  • £13,000 for a 2-bedroom home
  • £15,000 for  a 3-bedroom home
  • £17,000 for a 4-bedroom home

The above quotes include the labour for general and bathroom installation of new pipework all over the property and having it connected to the mains service where required including sewerage, drainage, and water.

Your choice of fittings, fixtures, and pipes will have an effect on the price and also your property’s style and size and your location.

Factors That Affect Plumbing Cost

Every property and every job is unique and different yet there are specific factor that can affect all the quotes and costs for plumbing installation in general. The cost for plumbing installation will be higher for bigger jobs and larger properties. However, there are still many other variables that affect the prices of plumbing works. These include the following:

  • Condition and age of the property

The costs of plumbing installation will be higher for properties and existing plumbing systems that are in poor condition.

  • Ease of access

If the property’s plumbing is difficult to access, this will increase the cost and this will include those to make good any affected area after the completion of the job.

  • Location

Plumbing installation costs in new homes will vary all over the UK and cities like London tend to have more expensive new plumbing installation costs.

  • Need for waste or drainage pipework

Installation or replacement of drainage and waste pipes can further increase the overall costs of plumbing work.

  • Quality of new fittings and fixtures

The cost of replacing plumbing will be higher if you specify more expensive fittings and fixtures.

Other Considerations for Plumbing Installation Costs

The following are additional costs you might need to pay during plumbing of your new house:

  • Preparatory work

The total cost will factor in any prep work that the plumber needs to do prior to starting the job or before the arrival of your chosen tradesperson.

  • Concealed pipework

It is more expensive to hide pipework than to just surface mount it and leave it exposed. Expect to pay more if you want to have your pipework concealed.

  • Finishing or redecorating

Costs for plumbing may also include finishing any necessary painting or tiling.

  • Waste disposal

If there is a need for your tradesperson to dispose of and remove any waste, this will also be included in the total cost of plumbing installation.

There are several factors considered for plumbing cost for a new house in the UK. Being familiar with these will help you set your budget accordingly.