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How Much Should a Plumber Charge Per Day?

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Do you need some plumbing work done in your home? If yes, you probably want to know how much plumbers charge per day.

Location and Its Effects on Plumber Costs and Rates

The daily and hourly rates of plumbers and plumbing companies can vary considerably depending on the location. For example, daily rates in Central London are often the most expensive in the whole UK. On the other hand, in more rural places such as Scotland and Wales, you can expect that the daily rates of plumbers are much lower. Do remember that boiler services & heating engineers charge different rates entirely.

Day Rates of Plumbers

The day rates of plumbers depend on how complex the plumbing job is and the number of days of work is being offered. The day rate charges of plumbers are often exclusive of the materials used.

For instance, there are commercial site workers that charge £100 per £120 per day for some jobs such as second fixes. However, it is likely for their workload to be guaranteed for several months or even permanent in some instances.

One off day rates for plumbing are probably closer to the £250 range. A job quote that will likely bring in one to two weeks work is going to be closer to a range of £150 to £200 per day. This is the common range that most day rates for plumbing fall into.

You can expect that there will also be plumbers that will have higher daily rates than others e.g emergency plumbers. It can be because of huge workload because of recommendations, location, or simply because they are efficient and they can finish more work that average plumbers during average working days.

Hourly Rates of Plumbers

If you just need a job that will just take one to two hours or a quick-fix, you will get a fixed price depending on the hourly rate of the plumber.

You can expect to pay £25 to £40 without including the materials. This means that if a job will take 3 hours, you should be ready to pay £75 to £120 on top of the parts required for fixing your problem.

For smaller jobs that will only take one hour, the charge starts at £40 per hour or higher. For jobs that will take 2 to 5 hours to finish, it is likely that you will be paying anywhere near £25 to £30 per hour.

Now, these figures may seem a bit expensive. However, don’t forget that they will only charge for time-on site. The plumbers will need to consider the time to quote the job, fuel, travel, wear and tear on the vehicle, and others. All of these costs will quickly add up. This means that by the time they have picked up the materials for the job and complete the work, it is not likely that they will still have enough time to fit another job to their working day.

As for simpler jobs such as fixing taps or unblocking a toilet that constantly overflows, the cost of materials will be minimal. But, if you will fit a basin or toilet, about £100 or more will be added to the overall cost.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]